Alone, But Not Lonely

Well, hey again. It's time for that monthly blog post that pops up out of the blue, get ready kids because today we are talking about Valentines. How exciting. It is now February, the month which includes that little well known holiday, Valentine's Day. Last year I wrote about why I wasn't celebrating Valentine's and … Continue reading Alone, But Not Lonely

A Better Place

Well, would you look at that? I went on another hiatus after saying I was going to come back to my blog. Hey ho, let's just ignore my little four month break... again. Anyway, I want to start this post by saying I hope you had the loveliest Christmas full of presents, Christmas dinners, chocolates, … Continue reading A Better Place

Forget Valentine’s – I’m here for Galentine’s Day (and pancake day)

Oh god, here comes that time of year. So, it's February and it is Valentine's Day tomorrow. However, I am here to talk about a far more important day - Galentine's day. Galentine's Day is celebrated on February 13th and to make it even better, Galentine's Day has fallen on the same day as pancake … Continue reading Forget Valentine’s – I’m here for Galentine’s Day (and pancake day)